Mission & Philosophy of Treatment

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Mission & Philosophy of Treatment

Bring Hope, Change Lives!

Holy Cross Children’s Services provides a full network of child and family services. We provide the services necessary to bring hope to people’s lives, and allow them to change their lives for the better.


Holy Cross Children’s Services’ (HCCS) mission is to bring hope and change lives. We want to help children live free, healthy and productive lives.

Philosophy of Treatment

HCCS strives to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of vulnerable children. We also provide services to their families through partnerships with other community organizations.

HCCS provides a network of services for children and their families through a trauma-informed environment of care. We believe in treating people in a safe and secure environment. We provide individualized services where they are needed.

We help our children and families learn to be adaptive, resilient, and to manage risk and protective factors. Doing this allows them to be successful in the community. Our treatment approach promotes a process of change to assist our children and families in improving their own health and well-being. This allows them to live self-directed lives and achieve their full potential.

HCCS offers quality treatment, and we offer the most important ingredient – HOPE! Learn more about Holy Cross Children’s Services here.