Mission & Philosophy of Treatment


Mission & Philosophy of Treatment

Bring Hope, Change Lives!

Holy Cross Counseling Services has been providing substance abuse services since 1992. Our licensed programs provide a variety of helpful services including:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Services
  • Recovery Housing

All locations serve individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. This is done through simultaneous treatment models compatible with trauma informed care. Our staff utilizes motivational enhancement therapy, the transtheoretical change model, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our clients utilize group, individual and family therapy. Our treatment is comprehensive of the individual as a whole, not just the addiction. We are passionate about our goals, and are determined to succeed.


Holy Cross Counseling Services’ (HCC) mission is to bring hope, promote change and help people live free, healthy and productive lives through evidence and researched based therapy.

Philosophy of Treatment

HCC provides substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment through co-workers who are highly trained and committed to individual wellness, family stability and positive organizational change. We provide quality services by creating mutual benefit and balance between clients, co-workers and payer’s needs. HCC is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program that is supportive of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) principles.

We believe in treating the whole person in a welcoming, safe and secure environment. We provide individualized services when, how and where they are needed. Recovery is a process, not an event. There are often periods of doubt, fear and relapse. We help our clients learn to be adaptive, resilient and to manage risk and protective factors to achieve recovery.

Our treatment approach promotes a process of change to assist our clients in improving their own health and wellbeing, to live self-directed lives and achieve their full potential. HCC offers quality treatment with the most important ingredient in recovery and wellness – HOPE!