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Samaritan Center Services

The Samaritan Center is a collaboration of 70 organizations in Michigan’s largest one-stop service center, reaching over 7,000 individuals weekly. Its overarching purpose is to help mothers find a job and care for their children. Samaritan greatly enhances a family’s success by providing education, spiritual guidance, health care, job training and recreation.

The Samaritan Center is sponsored by Boysville of Michigan and SER Metro-Detroit as a collaborative community resource center for neighborhoods adjacent to the 5555 Conner Avenue site. Following the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy service to those in need, the center is a unique blend of organizations who have a history of service to the disadvantaged and are committed to the continuing redevelopment of Detroit’s East Side. The services are designed to serve a broad spectrum of needs for all age ranges. Service areas include education, job training and placement, health care, children, youth and family development services, elder care and lastly, community development activities.

In active partnership with the local neighborhoods, the Samaritan Center is committed to an ongoing needs assessment process to ensure that services are relevant and responsive to community members. The Samaritan Center is dedicated to working with other community organizations and institutions toward creating a community environment that supports the positive growth and development of its members.