The Good Samaritans

samaritan center banner for michigan

A Brief History of The Good Samaritans

Although the Samaritan Center helps thousands in the poorest of conditions on a daily basis, it is likely that few in the suburbs have heard of The Samaritan Center in Detroit. This is precisely what spurred Brother Francis into action. A few luncheon meetings later with Millie Pastor, Sue Nine and Mia Materka, a budding support group for Holy Cross Children’s Services called “The Good Samaritans” launched its very first tour of the Samaritan Center. This happened on a chilly Valentine’s Day morning in 2012, enlisting friends aboard a rented bus from the St. Hugo of the Hills parking lot.

Mission Statement

The Good Samaritans is an all-volunteer organization committed to supporting and promoting the activities of Holy Cross Children’s Services. They support their efforts to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of vulnerable children and their families. They strive to make the public aware of the needs of these children and families through a network of in-home,community based and residential program interventions and public education programs that are provided directly (or in partnership) with other community organizations.


Membership is open to any person who subscribes to the purposes of The Good Samaritans and pays membership dues, regardless of religious affiliation.