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Admissions Protocol

Holy Cross Children’s Services offer statewide treatment options for children and families. We are committed to partnering with caseworkers, court personnel and any other service agencies in offering quality programs and a complete Intergrated Network of Services.

Holy Cross Admissions Office allows professional agencies easy access and timely placement into our quality programs. Our objective is to place children according to the needs of the individual and the desires of the referring agency. We believe by partnering with referring caseworkers and families, children in our care have shorter lengths of stay and ultimately, are successful upon release.

If you have general questions regarding Holy Cross, would like us to present an overview of the Holy Cross treatment programs, or would like to arrange a site visit to see any of our quality programs, please contact the Admissions Office at (517)902-6404 or (877) 424-6825 or admissions@hccsnet.org.


If you would like to refer a youth to HCCS, please submit a Referral Packet via email to admissions@hccsnet.org, fax to (517) 423-7753 or mail to the address below.

Holy Cross Children’s Services
Attn: Admissions Office
8759 Clinton-Macon Road
Clinton, Michigan 49236

If you have any questions, please contact our Admission Specialists at (877) 424-6825 or admissions@hccsnet.org.

All referrals will be channeled through the HCCS Admissions office to be processed (24 hours).

  • Admissions Office receives referral packet from referring agency.
  • Admissions Coordinator screens referral for program match (grid/worker, request/program, type/geographic, location).
  1. Admissions Coordinator contacts referring worker and establishes a date/time of Admissions.
  2. AC will collect all required documentation and enters in CIS (Checklist).
  3. AC will complete financial report and forward it to accounting.
  4. AC will E-mail confirmation and CIS information to HCCS program.
  5. AC will be responsible for retrieving missing Intake documentation.
  1. AC will forward the referral information to Regional Directors for review.
  2. The Admissions Director will consult with Regional Directors (if needed).
  3. If acceptable, the above procedures will apply.
  1.  AC will contact the referring agency and provide an explanation for the rejection.
  2. AC will provide referring agency with possible placements/alternative(s) within HCCS and /or an outside agency.

In the event a referral is accepted by a residential program in the evening hours, the following protocol will apply:

  1. Approval by the Regional Director must be granted prior to admissions of youth.
  2. HCCS program manager will notify the Admissions office the following business day of the admissions.
  3. AC will be responsible for collecting all required documentation.
  4. AC will complete a financial and submit it to accounting.

All internal referrals will be referred to Admissions Office

  1. HCCS program staff will submit referral packet (CIS number) to Admissions office (2-4 weeks prior to desired release/transfer).
  2. AC will contact referring agency and forward referral information to requested HCCS program (CBP determine appropriateness).
  3. AC will complete a new financial form and forward to accounting.
  4. Referral will be included on a weekly tracking sheet until placed.

**Note:  All internal referrals need to be approved by referring worker prior to being submitted to Admissions

AC= Admissions Coordinator
CBP=Community Base Program