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Guide to Motivation

Motivation is the first step to living a free and healthy life. However, many of us have trouble with motivating ourselves. When you have trouble self-motivating, you may find yourself becoming content with the way your life is, rather than striving to make it better. Once you create that self-motivation, you will find yourself making the steps necessary to making the changes your life needs.

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What Is Emotional Abuse?

We’ve all seen how much of an impact abuse can have on mental health. However, when you hear the word ‘abuse’ what does it make you think of? Most people’s minds will go straight to the physical aspect of abuse rather than the emotional aspect of it. The truth is, much of the time abuse isn’t physical, but this does not make it any less impactful. This is because emotional abuse may be going on without the victim even realizing it.

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Saginaw Spirit Fundraiser Hockey Game

On February 25, 2017 our own Saginaw Spirit will be playing Ontario’s North Bay Battalion in a hockey game benefiting Holy Cross Children’s Services. Tickets are being sold at a reduced price of $13.00 and $5.00 of every ticket will go back to Holy Cross Children’s Services! This is a great way to spend a night out while supporting children in need!

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4 Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illness is becoming less stigmatized which is great news. People who would have been ashamed to get help years ago now feel more comfortable talking about. While society isn’t quite perfect yet in regards to the stigmatizing of mental illness – we’re a lot farther than we were.

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Why Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong

Addiction is something that is very misunderstood. However, much of the public believes that they know all there is to know about addiction based off what we see in public forums such as television, newspaper and internet articles. However, addiction isn’t always something that is visible to the naked eye. Today we will be talking about why what you think you know about addiction is wrong – and how it actually works.


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4 Celebrities Who Have Been In a Foster Home

There’s a lot of misconception in regards to growing up in a foster home. Many people think that if someone grows up in foster care, they’re automatically written off to not be able to fulfill their life goals. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, many of the world’s biggest and brightest celebrities have been in foster care.

Happier and healthier in the new year.

How to Live Happier and Healthier Lives in the New Year

Here at Holy Cross, we work to help people live healthier, happier and freer lives. This is something that all of our staff believe strongly in and we want to make sure that people who need help making it happen to get the help they need. However, we believe that there is room for improvement in everyone’s lives. That’s why today we’ll be giving tips on how you can make a change in your own life to live happier and healthier in 2017!

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What Abuse Does to the Brain

Abuse happens every day behind the closed doors of the people you don’t expect. In fact, not all abuse is visible. Physical, emotional and substance abuse is still a huge problem in America, something that needs to be addressed more often.

The problem with abuse is even when the victim gets away from the person who is abusing them, the psychological effects of the abuse can last a lifetime. Many people don’t realize how much abuse can affect mental health, and why it affects it so much. Today we will be discussing the long-term psychological effects of abuse.

Give hope to better lives

Why Hope is Important

At Holy Cross, you’ll see the word “hope” come up quite often. It’s our main goal when it comes to why we’re so dedicated to helping people. At the end of the day, we want to successfully give children and adults alike the key to a happy life – hope. But why is hope so important? What about hope improves the lives of so many, and is such a sought out ingredient for success?