How To Overcome Addiction

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How To Overcome Addiction

Addiction is something that can’t be fully understood unless you yourself have gone through it. By the time someone realizes they have an addiction, it’s often times past the point where they can easily give it up. However, there is hope. You can overcome addiction. It’s not an easy process – but it’s a process that will ultimately better your life.


Remind Yourself Why You Want To Give It Up

No matter what substance you’re giving up, the fact that you’ve acknowledged that it is an addiction is the first step to success. There are many people who don’t even realize that they have a problem until it is too late. The fact that you have identified this problem means that you want to take the necessary steps to overcome it.

It is incredibly important that you now constantly remind yourself why you want to give it up. Everyone has their own reasons. Just know this – your reasons are your own. It doesn’t matter what the reason for overcoming addiction is as any reason is the right reason. It’s especially important to remind yourself of these reasons when you’re really struggling. If these reasons made you want to overcome the addiction in the first place, then you know that it’s worth it in the end.


Know Your ‘Triggers’

As an addict, it’s important to know your triggers. A trigger is something that makes your brain crave the thing you’re giving up. These aren’t just objects – friends who you associate with whatever substance you’re giving up are considered triggers as well.

When overcoming addiction, it’s important that you identify your triggers ahead of time. If a certain place brings back memories of the substance, avoid it. If a certain situation makes you crave the substance, avoid the situation. Distancing yourself is the best way to make sure that these triggers rarely happen, which is why its incredibly important to identify them early in the process. As an addict, these triggers may always be there.


Do Not Be Afraid To Reach Out 

Lastly, realize that this is not a battle that you need to fight alone. There are resources that you can use in order to get help for this issue. If addiction was easy to get over, then it wouldn’t really be an addiction. The battle to overcome addiction is not one that needs to be fought alone.

Reaching out to friends and family can be an easy way to get the support that you need. These are people that care deeply about you and want to see you succeed. Chances are, the ones who are really close to you knew you before the addiction started and miss that person. They will do whatever it takes to help you become well again.

Of course, professional help is always useful as well. Getting counseling or going to a rehabilitation program has proven successful, and in some cases may be needed to overcome the addiction. Know that there is no shame in needing professional help – getting better is what is really important. Professional help can make that process easier.

Overcoming addiction is a difficult process. However, do not lose hope – it can be done. As with anything, getting the support you need as well as identifying the triggers and reasons why it needs to be overcome can make the process easier. If you or someone you know needs help with their battle to overcome addiction – Holy Cross is there.

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