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Children's Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health

Mental health is becoming a more widely talked about subject. This is a good thing – as mental health becomes more talked about and less stigmatized, more people may feel comfortable in getting help. While we’re not totally there yet – lots of progress has been made toward destigmatizing mental health in the last decade. However, there is one topic about mental health that tends to be avoided – children’s mental health. (more…)
Make a child smile 820X300

Make A Child Smile This Holiday Season

The holidays are a very special time. It’s a time where families and friends come together in unison and create special memories together. While the holidays are great for adults, they’re even more meaningful to children. Holidays are times that are filled with wonder and excitement, and will forever shape the memories of a child. (more…)
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World Kindness Day 2017

Today is a special day. It’s a day where everyone is encouraged to do acts of kindness with each other – something that Holy Cross encourages to do every day! It’s World Kindness Day 2017 and Holy Cross wants to give you some tips on how you can do simple acts of kindness to make those around you have fantastic days. (more…)
Suffering from depression

Hidden Symptoms of Depression

Depression is often the mental illness that gets the most spotlight. In the media, depression is shown on television shows and movies as making you sad and miserable all the time. While there is some truth to this, these are not the only symptoms of depression. In fact, often times the sadness and misery is a culmination of different symptoms. (more…)