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First Annual Recovery Celebration Luncheon

Holy Cross Services renamed the Lansing Women’s Facility with a surprise unveiling during the first annual Holy Cross Recovery Celebration luncheon

Almost two years ago, Holy Cross opened the Women’s Behavioral Health facility in a building provided by long-time East Lansing resident Peter Bertsch. Peter is also the Chairman of the Board for Holy Cross Services. To honor the memory of his mother and to thank Peter for his generosity and dedication to Holy Cross, the building name was changed in his mother’s name and was unveiled on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.   Staff, clients and other HCS partners were invited to the first annual Holy Cross Recovery Celebration lunch to hear client testimonials and to kick off the luncheon, the sign was unveiled at the beginning of the lunch.

The facility will now be known as Patricia Evelyn Bertsch Holy Cross Women’s Behavioral Healthcare and is located at 3410 Old Lansing Road, Lansing, MI 48917.

The mission of Holy Cross Services is to bring hope, promote change and help people live free, healthy and productive

The Patricia Evelyn Bertsch Holy Cross Women’s Behavior Healthcare facility is a substance abuse detox and residential treatment center that provides a safe and welcoming place for women, pregnant women, and women with children, to receive substance use and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment. This facility provides on-site medical services; access to prenatal care, safe detox from alcohol and other drugs, and on-going medical services to address the health and wellness of the women and their children throughout their residential stay. This program can accommodate 25 women and their children.

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How To Be More Optimistic

Have you felt down recently? Perhaps your job isn’t the dream job you imagined, or you recently broke up with your partner or have been running into financial troubles. Whatever the reason, it’s completely normal for us to go through issues that make us feel down. If we’re not careful, this can change how we look at life and send us spiraling down toward a more toxic personality.

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Suicide Is Not An Option

With the recent news of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park passing away due to an apparent suicide, there is a lot of talk about mental health right now. There is definitely a wide range of emotion being seen as people talk about the passing of an influential name in music. Some people feel a lot of grief, some feel angry as they see suicide as a selfish act. The reality is, unless you’ve experienced depression – you don’t know what thoughts go through your head during such a difficult time.

Anxiety Disorders Vs. Nervousness

Anxiety Disorder Vs. Nervousness

Often times we hear stories about people with mental illnesses and wonder to ourselves, “Do I also have a mental illness? This is only natural – in fact people who have mental illnesses themselves don’t often know they have one. This can often lead to self-diagnosing and in turn can take a dark path toward self-medicating by abusing drugs and alcohol.

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Why Do Our Brains Get Addicted?

If you have never been physically addicted to a substance, then it can be very hard to understand what addiction is. Until you experience it yourself, you will never be able to know the hold addiction has on your brain and body. With that lack of understanding, it can be hard to produce empathy for people who have a substance addiction. That is why we here at Holy Cross Services want to help people have an understanding to addiction – and why our brains get addicted to these substances.