How Can We Fix The Opioid Crisis

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How Can We Fix The Opioid Crisis

It’s no hidden secret – there is an opioid crisis currently going in in America. Many American cities are plagued with different opioid drug abuse issues, and every year thousands upon thousands of people are dying from overdoses. It’s an issue that is constantly talked about – so how do we go about solving it?

Solving the opioid crisis is not going to happen overnight. There are so many factors that go into why someone becomes addicted to opioids, that there’s miracle cure for all who suffer from it. What we can do is look into the different ways we can help – and hopefully down the road eliminate this terrible crisis.


We Need To Address How It Starts

Many people have this image in their head of the average heroin user being someone who has always had a junkie attitude, and was going to end up like this no matter what. However, this is not the case. Opioid addicts can be no different from any of us other than having this dark demon following behind them.

The fact is, many people get addicted to opioids due to medical reasons. Often times they get too attached to their doctor’s prescriptions after a surgery and find themselves needing to find their drugs elsewhere after their prescriptions had run out. This can lead down a long and dark path that goes from taking pills to injecting needles. No one starts out as a junkie – having a deeper understanding of the root cause of opioid addiction can help us combat it.



We need to spread awareness of this issue. The fact is, unless you’re directly effected by the opioid crisis, it’s easy to forget about. However, this is something that everyone should be paying attention to. Otherwise you may see it happen to people who you love.

We need to start spreading awareness of the awfulness of opioids early on. We cannot let this become a ‘cool’ drug to use. You can already see it happening – high school students are seen abusing opioids and prescription drugs more than ever. In fact, since 1999 – prescription opioid deaths have increased over 303%.


Get Addicts The Help They Need

Lastly, one of the main problems is how difficult it is for opioid addicts to get the help that they need. Often times, addicts will be imprisoned due to their drug use. Here, they have to stop using their drug of choice cold-turkey. This isn’t like cigarettes where you just feel uncomfortable for a few days while you go through withdrawals – opioid withdrawal can actually kill you.

In fact, opioid withdrawals are the main reason why many users overdose. When they go back to using the drug after getting most of the drug out of their system, they will take as much as they used to even though their tolerance had decreased. This causes the body to overdose and is often times the cause of their deaths. If we got these users the help they need when they need it rather than just imprisoning them, we may be able to effectively combat this opioid crisis.


The current opioid crisis that is plaguing America isn’t something that should be taken lightly. People are dying every day due to opioid abuse, and it is only getting worse. However, if we take the necessary steps – we may be able to fight this crisis. Kairos Healthcare wants to help fight addiction – if you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, contact us today.



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