Fall Appeal

 You know that love conquers all…

Real love

Even as the mountains grow taller, we know from experience that every mountain can be scaled. When Holy Cross provides specialized mentoring to struggling families, children get out of foster care and safely back to their families an astounding 65% faster. We climb mountains alongside our families, because we know that kind of partnership works. You partner with Holy Cross because you see the best in people, just as we do. You know that love conquers all. Real love – dignified, authentic, nurturing, equal partnership love – is the catalyst for change in all of us. You are a champion for your neighbor, because love is integral to who you are.

Today, we urgently need your help. When a family is in recovery, progress is delicate, and they have no time to wait. A repaired water heater, Uber ride, or groceries can be the deciding factor for whether a parent can overcome the barriers of addiction recovery. The love you extend to the families we serve allows for immediate, flexible, urgent action, exactly when families need it most. Most families need less than $250/month to get back on their feet.

I am asking you today to recommit yourself to our community’s families by making a gift. Your gift will help ensure that we walk alongside families as partners, and that children get home faster. Please take a moment today to reflect on what love for your neighbor means to you and use the form below to help a family today .

Marcy Doozan
VP Advancement

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HCS specializes in empowerment and trauma recovery for children and families engaged in the child welfare system and supporting our neighbors to end their episodes of homelessness. Although these areas of service have significant intersection, we operate our programs through three functional arms:

  • Division of Family-Based Care and Youth Transition
  • Division of Residential Care and Family Healing
  • Division of Housing and Community Advocacy

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Holy Cross Services is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation

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