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Alcohol Rehab Manchester NH

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder (AUS) is one of the most common addictions in Manchester United. When an occasionally drinking habit becomes an obsession, it tends to create problems for the drinker and the people around him as well.

Suffering or seeing your loved ones suffer this pain and distress is an awful nightmare itself. The rate of AUS is increasing rapidly so are the best drug treatment centers in Manchester. Treating this addiction requires patience, extra care, and personalized treatment procedures. If you are also in search of nearby alcohol rehabs in Manchester then God has answered your desperate call in the form of Live Free Recovery Service.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Live Free Recovery Service is an alcohol and drug rehab in Manchester. We understand that what addiction can do to a person, therefore, our drug and alcohol rehab and detox treatments are designed and modified by our dedicated medical team as per the need of every individual patient separately.

Here is a quick overview of all our programs and services provided at our Manchester drug rehab:

Free Assessment

The recovery process starts with counseling. We provide a free initial assessment service with our substance abuse counselor. Who help you determine the best possible treatment you required according to your symptoms. You will undergo counseling therapy to prepare you for the future course of action.

Medical Detoxification Process

Drug and alcohol rehab and detox is the first step towards the step of the recovery process. When a person stops drinking alcohol or taking any drug they start to experience symptoms within 6 to 24 which can range from mild to severe. Some of such symptoms are

  • Shakiness
  • Loss of sleep
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The severe ones may experience life-threatening symptoms such as heart palpitations and seizures. In such a case it is very crucial to keep the patient under observation during their detox period to avoid any such complications.

Inpatient / Residential Program

This program offers intensive care 24/7. This program is best for those patients whose addiction has reached such a level that it has become dangerous for them and the people around them. This program includes all-time monitoring and clinical support to help them stay relieved even after the detox phase. They stay at the center for a long or short term time where they are encouraged to live a healthy life

Outpatient Program

This program is one of the best ways to become clean without affecting your life. It includes counseling, therapies, and 12 step programming. An inpatient can later opt for outpatient therapy after their successful recovery at the rehab. This program is less intense and allows the patient to get better without giving up their normal life.

Partial Hospitalization

This step arrives after the successful completion of an inpatient program. A patient does not have to stay at the premises they just have to appear for counseling sessions, classes, and appointments during the day. It is also referred to as the daycare treatment.

Getting started with Live Free Recovery Service

After understanding how our alcohol and drug rehab in Manchester work you must be thinking of all the costs these and other programs required. Depending on the severity of the addiction and the time you spend at the center will determine the cost. If your insurance covers such treatments then it will make your journey easier.

Contact Live Free Recovery Service to begin your journey into addiction recovery and find your purpose in life: 1.877.932.6757

Alcohol Rehab Manchester NH
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Alcohol Rehab Manchester NH
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