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Cocaine is one of the most misused stimulants in the world. It’s derived from the leaves of the coca plant, which is native to South America. Also referred to as coke, dope, or crack, cocaine is usually consumed in powder form. Many people who give it a try end up becoming addicted since it has a strong effect on the brain.

At Harbor Village, we provide treatment for psychostimulant addictions, including cocaine addiction. Our treatment programs are individualized, because factors such as the severity of dependence, genetics, and health status, which affect the level of addiction, are all different depending on the person.

Avoidance is Key

It’s best to avoid using cocaine completely if you’ve never tried it before, as it has detrimental health effects. If you’re already using the drug, then it’s advisable to seek help from a reputable addiction treatment facility such as Harbor Village, where we’re committed to helping you recover from your addiction.

You should remember that while it’s easy to think you can stop using any drug at will, that might not be actually possible. Addiction is a disease that changes how your mind works, and once that happens, you become incapable of making decisions concerning your drug use.

The Effects of Using Cocaine

Short term effects of using coke include feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and increased energy. These are short-lived, which causes individuals to frequently use the drug after a short period to maintain the high. In this case, you risk suffering from the following health issues:

  • Poor Cardiovascular Health

Blood vessels constrict as a result of the regular use of cocaine. This leads to spikes in blood pressure as the heart works harder to pump blood to various parts of the body. The stress on the cardiovascular system eventually leads to life-threatening conditions such as stroke or heart attack.

  • Deteriorating Brain Health

With the poor circulation of blood, the brain is unable to receive enough nourishment, leading to the death of cells and neurons. Another effect is the excessive dopamine levels, which build up in the brain when cocaine interferes with neurotransmission. Communication between neurons is blocked, which paralyzes normal brain functioning. This culminates in structural damage that leads to seizures.

  • Increased Risk of Infectious Diseases

When you use cocaine through intravenous means, you increase your risk of contracting blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis C. Using coke also impairs judgment, which encourages risky sexual behavior that exposes you to these infections. Studies have also shown that cocaine impairs the immune system, making you vulnerable to infections. This means that if you’re suffering from viral diseases, your health will deteriorate at a faster rate than usual, and your body may not respond well to treatments.

Your method of using cocaine can also expose you to a myriad of adverse health effects. If you snort the powder, you risk losing your sense of smell and suffering from nosebleeds. Additionally, people who smoke are at an increased risk of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

Protect Your Health

Harbor Village is a supportive community where you can receive the help you need to overcome your dependence on cocaine. You can take a virtual tour to view our modern facility that has been built with our patient’s comfort and serenity in mind. Give us a call on 855-767-8285 to speak to a psychostimulant addiction treatment specialist, and start your journey to recovery today.

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