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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Through our drug and alcohol rehab centers, we have treated countless addicted individuals, helping them to become healthier people and recover their lives. With Valley Recovery Center, you too can have hope for a normal and healthy life, where addiction no longer has control over you. Visit our center, and allow yourself a fresh start - one that you can fully appreciate.

How Can I Become Sober?

Alcohol addiction is similar to drug abuse, only that the object of the addiction is alcohol, instead of opioids, for instance. This type of addiction reflects a person’s inability to control drinking habits. Physically and psychologically, alcohol becomes the sole reliever to problems the person confronts, and this becomes a standard solution. The way you can become sober is by undergoing detox and addiction treatment.

Our center entails a certified detox program, whose aim is to flush the alcohol and toxins from your body. Afterward, the treatment itself commences – we use both medication and holistic remedies to reshape your thinking patterns and habits into rejecting alcohol as the preferred solution to problems. You will no longer drink alcohol out of convenience, or force of habit.

Efficient Rehabilitation Process

Just as we treat alcohol addiction, we can efficiently deal with drug abuse. The first step in the rehab treatment is the detoxification process, where we purge your body of toxins and drug remnants. Medications are used to help ease withdrawal symtoms, as well. Once the detox process is complete, you can move into other phases of our program, such as residential treatment or our parial hospitalization program.

For the duration of treatment, we will monitor your condition carefully and provide aid whenever needed. You will receive treatment in a safe, peaceful, and welcoming environment that will set your mind at ease. You can forget about the pain and worries of your daily life, and relax in our treatment center.

Excellent Residential Rehab Treatment

Oftentimes, individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol, end up relapsing because they don’t have access to a relaxing and beneficial environment for their rehabilitation. Our residential rehab treatment solves this problem by offering you premium living conditions at our center, while you begin working on your sobriety. We provide:

  • Biopsychosocial evaluation
  • Process group
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Families weekend
  • Community meeting
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Core labs
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Twelve-step support

Our leading drug and alcohol rehab centers in California provide the best chance at a normal life for addicted individuals. We strive to push your rehabilitation to completion and eliminate any risks of future relapse as well.

What Is the Best Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Abuse?

Our drug and alcohol rehab centers in California have state-of-the-art technology, experienced experts, and welcoming staff. We have the best living conditions, plenty of outdoor space, and recreational activities to fill your time. Our priority is to help you regain control over your life, and leave addiction behind.

While we cannot cure you permanently, we can help you gain mastery over your own self. With Valley Recovery Center, you will discard addiction and the illusory pleasure it brings for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers
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