Foster Care Michigan

Foster Care Michigan

The state of Michigan currently has 14,000 children in foster care. The average stay in foster care is 23 months. Holy Cross Services aims to bring this number down. Since 1948 Holy Cross Services has been a leader in servicing child and family welfare and behavioral healthcare. Despite what the company name might imply, Holy Cross Services does not discriminate on the basis of religious belief, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Michigan state officials are always looking for loving families to become registered foster homes. These children need nurturing, consistent and supportive care, especially those who cannot return to their biological families. All children need loving, caring and responsible adults to oversee their growth and development.

Oftentimes these vulnerable children need foster homes to give them the basics of life; hygiene, healthy food and basic medical attention. Many children in foster care need families who will help them simply be kids and not take on adult responsibilities. Foster families also help break the cycles of poverty and abuse.

A loving and stable home environment makes it easier for the child to envision dreams of a completed education and a successful career, especially an older child. Foster families give kids hope, something we all need to get through life. Becoming a foster parent in Michigan is not easy. But something this important is never easy and it will pay off in the end.

To become a foster parent in Michigan you must be at least 18 years old and fill out a licensing application. It will take between 2 and 6 months to get licensed. Each adult on the house will need to submit to a background check. Copies of medical statements for all members of the house must be submitted. Your home may also need an environmental inspection to ensure the child’s safety.

Potential foster parents are not required to be married or homeowners. They also do not have to have a particular education or income level. They are also not required to have experience raising children. There are 3 types of foster care in Michigan; general, host home providers and relative.

General foster care means the child is placed in a registered foster home. Host home providers take care of a foster child between 16-19 years old while the case is still open. These are not licensed foster homes. Working with a foster care worker and a life skills coach, these kids are taught daily living skills to make independent living easier after becoming legal adults.

In relative foster care, a child is placed with a biological family member who has become licensed. Most foster children have traumatic backgrounds. It is crucial that the foster parents want to share their homes and lives. They must be empathetic towards the child’s feelings and needs. It is also important to make time for things such as court dates and therapy sessions. Work with the welfare agency, caseworker, school and, in many cases, the biological parents to ensure the child has a stable and positive experience in your home.

For more information about our foster care services call our Clinton office at 517-423-7556 or our Saginaw office at 989-596-3557.

Foster Care Michigan

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