May Is Foster Care Awareness Month

May Is Foster Care Awareness Month

May is a very special month here at Holy Cross Children’s Services. That’s because May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Throughout May, we will be taking initiatives to raise awareness toward foster care through stories, experiences and how you can be a part of helping a child in their time of need. Remember – you can be a part of the solution. Play a part in enhancing the lives of youth in foster care.

The State of Foster Care

Unfortunately, there are still many American children in foster care. In fact, the numbers are pretty staggering – there are over 400,000 children in the foster care system. Out of these 400,000 children, over 14% live in facilities.

This is an important statistic – these children need adult guidance and care. They are subjected to what no child should have to experience at their age – having to take care of themselves. Without the love and attention of a family, they are subject to developing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and even PTSD.

How You Can Help

There are many things you can do to help. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that they can’t make a difference. However, if everyone did something to help enhance the lives of foster children, we could solve a lot of issues.

The most obvious thing one can do is of course adopt. If you and your partner have discussed adoption in the past, now is as good as ever to bring up the topic again. Adoption can make a huge difference in the life of a foster child. It provides them with a loving family that can give them the attention they need, and the guidance that will leave them farther in life. It will also provide a quality of life that only a family can supply to them.

Of course, not everyone can adopt – we understand that. But that does not mean that you can’t do anything to help make a child’s life better. Another way to do this is by donating. At Holy Cross, there are multiple ways to donate. You can either make a charitable cash donation or donate a gift. No matter how you choose to donate, know that you are going to make a child smile and in turn influence them for a better, happier life. When a child receives something through a donation, it gives them hope knowing that someone cares. One example of how you can help is by helping Holy Cross’ own RJ get a car for school and work!

Lastly, spreading awareness is a great way to help. By simply spreading the message of foster care awareness to friends, co-workers, and family you are bringing issues to light. It will generate conversation, and even lead to more adoptions. So please – spread the message during Foster Care Awareness Month!

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