Protection Against Child Abuse Is All Of Our Responsibilities

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Protection Against Child Abuse Is All Of Our Responsibilities

An unfortunate reality in our society is child abuse does happen. Sometimes it can happen in households where you’d least expect it. Sometimes, the abuse isn’t even physically evident and it solely mental abuse. But at the end of the day, it does happen.

Protection against child abuse is all of our responsibilities. As a society, we need to stand together and fight against child abuse. But what can we do? Today, Holy Cross will be going into what each individual can do to help take a stand against child abuse.


Be Aware of Signs

When a child is being abused, there can be signs that you can train yourself to see. There are obvious signs such as bruises, scratches and broken bones – but often times these can be hidden. What you need to train yourself to see is the mental abuse they may be going through as well.

If a child is being emotionally abused, you may see a change from their normal behavior. A child who was once happy and active may stop communicating and not making eye contact with adults. They may exhibit a fear of adults and develop speech issues such as stuttering. However, these symptoms don’t always mean a child is being abused – so don’t take any action without any proof, but if you’re close with the child you may want to keep an eye out for added symptoms.


Get Involved

One of the best ways to stand up against child abuse is by getting involved in events and activities that fight against abuse. Events like these are quite common, and help by bringing awareness to the issue of child abuse.

Getting involved doesn’t mean you have to start an event on your own – but if you see one going on in your town, make it a point to volunteer. You can also get involved by donating to charities helping abused children, or even supporting your local foster care agencies. Many children in the foster care system have suffered from abuse, and they can use a role model in their lives to show them compassion and love.


Become A Foster Parent

Unfortunately, many children who are placed into foster care are there because of past abuse. This abuse follows them around for the rest of their lives and can leave both physical and mental scars. Being put into foster care is a stressful experience for a child to go through, but can be made better by having a caring and compassionate foster parent.

It’s a big decision – but it is one that can change a child’s life forever. Look more into becoming a foster parent, and you will be a big part of protecting our youth. Children need role models – something that you may be able to provide. Learn more about becoming a foster parent.


Child abuse happens no matter how hard we try to fight it. However, this does not mean stop trying. Protection against child abuse is all of our responsibilities – so we need to come together and stand up for what is right!

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