Response to Investigation of Former CEO

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Holy Cross Services was made aware today by the FBI that an arrest and criminal charges had been brought against HCS’s former CEO/CFO, John Lynch. His employment with HCS ended in April 2017, in connection with the events described below.

In 2017, Holy Cross Services’ management discovered financial irregularities indicative of possible embezzlement activity. As a result, HCS initiated an audit which was performed by an outside accounting firm. Holy Cross also immediately notified its insurance carriers and asserted a claim. HCS also reported the matter to appropriate law enforcement agencies (including the FBI). An amicable resolution was reached with HCS’s insurance carriers quite some time ago. During the last several years, HCS has worked closely with the FBI with respect to the matter.

We want to assure all our donors, stakeholders, clients and partners, that Holy Cross fully cooperated throughout the investigation, and that the organization has implemented best practices and safeguards to prevent this from ever happening again.

HCS cannot comment any further due to the pending criminal charges.