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Holy Cross Services Foster Parenting

Logan has been in an HCS program for a year. Prior to being placed at Holy Cross Services, Logan was in fifteen or more foster homes and five residential placements.

“I have learned to talk about my feelings and do the right thing,” says Logan. “I used to get in trouble a lot. Sometimes, several times a day. When I first got here, I struggled. But now I have good relationships with the staff and with my peers. I have learned to use some things to help me calm down and to make good choices like taking a walk, listening to other’s advice and building trust with them. I like to play sports, games like monopoly, and do other things with my new friends to help me cope. I love to swim and I’m glad we have a pool so we can swim. I used to be really afraid of people and getting close to them but I’m not any more. I have worked really hard to build trust and relationships with people. It has been hard because besides my staff/group there are not many supportive people in my life. I am developing them here and will develop them with other people who will be there for me when I leave. When I leave here I want to have a family that loves me. I want a mom and some little brothers (all boys lol!) so I can hang out with them and teach them things. I want the family to love me because I deserve it.”


Holy Cross Services Foster Parenting

He came to us as a helpless boy, unable to move or speak.
It is a miracle of the human spirit that Michael is still alive, having suffered unspeakable abuse at the very hands of the people who should have loved and treasured him.
Prior to being placed at Holy Cross Services, Michael suffered severe abuse at the hands of his adoptive father.

He was so damaged physically, emotionally, and spiritually that in a last desperate attempt for survival, Michael’s mind shut down his little body in an attempt to stop the pain. In clinical terms, Michael suffers from a condition called Conversion Syndrome. The extreme trauma he has survived has paralyzed him. He is literally almost scared to death.

In more than four decades of caring for children in need, HCS has never seen anything like it. It breaks our hearts to think of the suffering Michael has endured.

Michael is a proud part of our family at Holy Cross Services, where he gets the second chance every child deserves.


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