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Create Your Legacy & Make A Lasting Impact

What better legacy then providing a gift for the benefit of those we serve at Holy Cross Services. Gift Planning is a way for you to personally help a child in foster care, a young man suffering from addiction, or a homeless veteran have a warm bed to sleep in all while achieving your retirement and estate planning goals.  You can designate your gift to a specific program or building, to uncompensated care or to education and enrichment or your gift can also be unrestricted and used where needed most. Planning your gift to Holy Cross Services may increase the impact of your donation, enabling you to do more than you think possible.

An estate gift may also benefit you and your family: your tax savings may be increased, and some estate gifts can provide you or a loved one guaranteed lifetime income.

A Bequest in a Will or Trust stipulates that an amount or a percentage of your estate will be given to Holy Cross Services after your lifetime. Your bequest can be designated for a specific purpose or it can be unrestricted and used where needed most.

Sample Bequest Language

For a general bequest to Holy Cross Services we suggest the following language for your will and/or trust:

I give ______($) (%) of my estate to Holy Cross Services, 1030 N. River Road, Saginaw, MI 48609 to provide funding for the ongoing activities and mission of Holy Cross Services as determined by the Board of Trustees (or for the purpose of ______________.)

Tax ID # 38-1368326

Life-income Gifts provide income to a donor and/or another individual age 60 or older. At the end of the beneficiary’s lifetime, the remainder is given to Holy Cross Services.


If you are 70 ½ years old or older, you can take advantage of an IRA rollover and benefit Holy Cross Services.  You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a charity like Holy Cross Services and you will not pay income taxes on the money.

Retirement Fund Assets

A gift of retirement fund assets is a powerful way to use funds that would be heavily taxed if given to an individual.  After your lifetime, the remainder of your retirement fund can be designated to Holy Cross Services.

Life Insurance 

A gift of life insurance may be an excellent way to make a gift to Holy Cross Services.  When the policy is no longer needed, your policy can be gifted to us. You can name Holy Cross as the beneficiary of an existing policy or you can make an outright gift of a new policy.

Charitable Lead Trusts provide income to Holy Cross Services over a set number of years and then transfers assets to beneficiaries named by the donor. This plan enables heirs to receive assets while minimizing taxes.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets (Securities), such as stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares that have increased in value are another way of giving to Holy Cross Services. The donor receives an itemized income tax deduction for the full current value and also avoids tax on the increase in value.

Real estate and other appreciated assets may be helpful to Holy Cross Services, and you may be able to continue living in a residence while saving on taxes. Other assets that may make helpful gifts while saving taxes include closely held stock, business practices (law, medicine, etc.), partnerships, contracts, leases, royalties and patents, or personal property (works of art, rare books, antiques, land or other real estate holdings).