World Kindness Day 2017

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World Kindness Day 2017

Today is a special day. It’s a day where everyone is encouraged to do acts of kindness with each other – something that Holy Cross encourages to do every day! It’s World Kindness Day 2017 and Holy Cross wants to give you some tips on how you can do simple acts of kindness to make those around you have fantastic days.


Food is the quickest way to someone’s soul. Who doesn’t love a good snack? On World Kindness Day 2017, why not stop at the donut shop and pick up a few dozen donuts for everyone at work to enjoy? It will brighten up everyone’s day and will likely cause the joy to spread!

Also, on your way home from work, take the kindness a step further and stop at the grocery store. Pick up a few cans of food and donate it to those in need. After all, it’s the holiday season and everyone deserves to have a full tummy!


Call A Loved One

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, or grandparent – everyone loves hearing from their family! On World Kindness Day 2017, pick up the phone and call up a loved one who hasn’t heard from you in a while. It doesn’t have to be for any reason – your loved ones will appreciate a simple hello and a quick chat to catch up.


Give A Compliment

A simple compliment can go a long way. There is no feeling quite like being told you look good, or that you’re really pulling off your new hairstyle. We know how good a compliment can feel – so on World Kindness Day 2017, give someone that fantastic feeling of receiving a compliment!


Adopt A Pet

If you’re really feeling kind today, stop by your local pet shelter and adopt a pet! There are thousands of animals that need homes across America, and you could be coming home with a new best friend today! Not only will you make that animal’s life better – but the animal will pull your heartstrings as well!



Lastly, smile! A smile is the easiest way to brighten up somebody’s day. It’s infectious – you’ll find that if you spend your day smiling, others will follow. In today’s world where everyone is so focused on work, a smile can be enough to make their week better. So do everyone a favor on this day and smile big!


Kindness is something that we don’t seem to get enough of anymore. That’s why on World Kindness Day 2017, it’s important to give acts of kindness to those around you! Don’t limit your kindness to one day – try creating a habit of doing at least one or more acts of kindness a day from now on!

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