Regulatory and Compliance

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Holy Cross Services is committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all clients in our care. We strive to maintain compliance with federal regulations and laws enacted under the Prison Rape Elimination Act, or PREA. Holy Cross Services complies with PREA standards by educating and familiarizing clients and staff on preventing, detecting, and responding to sexual abuse. Further, Holy Cross Services maintains a zero tolerance policy related to sexual abuse of clients in residential treatment.

For additional information on our PREA Policy, our most recent PREA audit, or our most recent PREA statistics, please click on one of the following links:

How to Report Risk and Compliance-Related Issues

Holy Cross Services maintains several methods by which a compliance report may be made:

  • Make a report through the normal administrative channels (i.e., reporting to the appropriate supervisor).
  • Make a report through the Compliance Hotline (1-517-423-7666).
  • Make a report to the Corporate Compliance Officer or other staff member of the Quality & Compliance Department, either by letter, by telephone, by e-mail, or by meeting.
  • Make a report through the designated Compliance E-mail address:
  • Make a report through the online Compliance Reporting Form.
  • Make a report through the online Risk Reporting Form.

If you have questions about the Compliance Hotline or the Compliance Report Form, please contact the Corporate Compliance Department at 989-596-3557.