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Holy Cross Services

Providing a Full Network of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Homeless and Children’s Services.


Holy Cross Services mission is to bring hope, promote change, and help people live free, healthy and productive lives.


To live in a world free of abuse, neglect, trauma and addiction.


Holy Cross Services was founded in 1948 as Boysville of Michigan and has grown from one site to 20 and continues to provide hope and healing to children, adults and their families. HCS is one of the largest private, not-for-profit providers of children and family welfare services as well as behavioral healthcare services in Michigan.

Spirituality drives the mission, yet Holy Cross serves all people regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity or race. All Holy Cross programs and treatment services provide evidence and researched-based therapy and are not religious-based. Holy Cross does offer spiritual guidance for those who chose it and we believe it does help with overall wellness and healing, yet it is not mandated. HCS touches the lives of approximately 1,500 Michigan people every day who are abused, neglected, traumatized, and/or who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues. HCS employs about 400 coworkers who are dedicated to providing quality services aimed at helping people to become healthy, whole, and self-sufficient.



We bring hope to the needy and most vulnerable, providing opportunity and quality service to all regardless of age, gender, life-style, cultural or ethnic background, religious beliefs, social or economic status.


We promote change at local, state, and national levels on behalf of children and families, and for the allocation of adequate resources to meet their basic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs.


We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person, recognizing people’s social relationships to one another and the central role of the family in human life and in society.


We are committed to developing a community of dedicated professionals and to recognizing excellence and innovation in our delivery of client-centered services.


We help people live free, healthy and productive lives by bringing together people who recognize that every interaction is a unique 0pportunity to serve each other, the community and society, as an expression of our identity.


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