Residential &
Family Healing

Our Residential Care and Family Healing Division has two inter-related and equally important areas of focus:

1. Residential therapeutic care

2. Wrap around services for families

We believe residential care should be a brief stop along a youth’s recovery journey, and that healing is always best supported when surrounded by the love of family.

Residential Care

Our residential treatment programs serve youth in foster care and the juvenile justice system who the courts determine are currently unsafe in community-based care. We have three intensively therapeutic programs designed to help children find real and felt safety:

1. Care for adolescent boys and male-identifying youth with problematic sexual behaviors (YPSB)

2. Care for adolescent girls and female-identifying youth with trauma-related mental health and behavior stabilization needs (MHBS)

3. Care for adolescent boys and male-identifying youth with trauma-related mental health and behavior stabilization needs (MHBS)

Each of these programs is deeply trauma-informed and uses evidence-based individual, group, and family therapeutic models. Our residential campus, located in Saginaw, includes a full on-site school which operates under the supervision of Saginaw Independent School District.

Holy Cross - Residential Care

Family Healing

Holy Cross - Family Healing

HCS is committed to investing as much support in a family as we invest in a child. While youth receive therapeutic care within our Saginaw programs, our therapists across the state work intensively with the youth’s families in the family home, supporting families to heal holistically, in tandem with their child in care. As the child is preparing to reunify, our therapists provide intensive trauma-informed and evidence-based parenting education, to help families learn and master the care strategies that helped their child to succeed while in treatment. Following reunification, our therapists remain intensively engaged with the family, providing wraparound services to help every family member sustain and further their recovery.

Although our residential facility is based in Saginaw, to reach families where they need us our family therapists are located in:

– Flint/Mid-Michigan

– Muskegon/West Michigan

– Detroit/Southeast Michigan

Residential &
Family Healing Voices


“The more I worked with the staff the better I got. A light bulb went off in my head and I realized I could accomplish good things. My attitude is better, and I feel better because of it.”

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Residential & Family Healing

“Holy Cross has been very different from the other four homes I’ve been to. Here you have people that come in 24 hours and day and and make it their goal to help you. I feel like I don’t have to hide who I am and that’s an incredible feeling.”

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Residential & Family Healing

” I was very bad, but through my process at Holy Cross I was never once given up on. They had faith in me, and provided me with the second chance I had been looking for.”

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Residential & Family Healing

“I am thankful for my adopted family and my real family, and for the support that I’ve gotten from the Holy Cross staff that I needed to better myself.”

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Residential & Family Healing

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HCS specializes in empowerment and trauma recovery for children and families engaged in the child welfare system and supporting our neighbors to end their episodes of homelessness. Although these areas of service have significant intersection, we operate our programs through three functional arms:

  • Division of Family-Based Care and Youth Transition
  • Division of Residential Care and Family Healing
  • Division of Housing and Community Advocacy

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