Being homeless: Finding hope in the search of a home

Jason came to Lansing to help a friend and ended up needing to help himself because of his struggle with being homeless. 

He made the move to help his friend back in 2017, supporting his new roommate until the living arrangement became too chaotic. Left feeling sick because of his environment, Jason found himself homeless and adrift. 

“Being homeless is like being lost in space,” he said. “You don’t know where to go or what to do; it’s scary.”

Jason bounced from shelter to shelter, until earlier this year when he landed at Homeless Angels, a street-based outreach organization in Lansing. While there, he’s also received support from programs at Holy Cross Services’ New Hope Community Center.

Once he came to Holy Cross, he regularly visited the New Hope Day Center. He has also been able to get nutritious meals at the Community Kitchen, while focusing on his health at the Center too.

Being homeless and alone

“When I first became homeless it was very hard to ask for help,” said Jason. “But I learned that to have others help me, has also helped me to help myself; it’s a partnership.”

He has since been identified as chronically homeless and is awaiting permanent supportive housing through Holy Cross.

‘Live one day at a time’

He says the support and counseling he has received have changed his outlook on life.

“Slow down. Life is precious, and it has helped me to realize to live one day at a time,” Jason explained.

Because of his improvements, he looks forward to having a place of his own to call home. He gets excited to be “able to come and go” whenever he wants, while having the security of his own space.

Jason is an inspiration to so many people because he has never given up hope and has kept a positive attitude. This is why we, at Holy Cross Services, do what we do.