Methods to Quit Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is definitely a problem. While numbers aren’t as high as they used to be, there are still over 35 million Americans who are smoking cigarettes. Many of you who are reading this blog probably smoke currently and want to quit. That’s not surprising – most people who smoke have attempted to quit at one point or another. That’s why Holy Cross Services wants to give you tips to help kick that nasty nicotine addiction and quit smoking!


Want To Quit

One of the main hindrances to quitting smoking is that the user doesn’t necessarily want to quit. Often times, the user is attempting to quit due to a third party source. This can be a friend, family member or stigma from work. However, they themselves may actually enjoy smoking.

If you don’t want to quit but feel forced to do so, then the attempt is not likely to be successful. You have to want to quit for yourself and no one else. Once you yourself want to quit smoking, you will have a higher chance of success.


Don’t Lose Motivation

For most users, the first attempt doesn’t work. When the first attempt fails, it’s normal to feel discouraged. However, know that you are not alone – many people who try to quit smoking fail their first, second, sometimes even third time.

Having the motivation to try again is extremely important. Do not just assume that you’re never going to succeed – doing so is what will ensure you don’t. Plant the goal in your head – you are going to quit and you WILL be successful.


Avoid Triggers

The most important step to successfully quitting smoking is to avoid the triggers that cause you to smoke. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to avoid stress completely – but you can try to limit it for a few weeks. Take a break, go to a spa or a gym and release that excess stress.

Also, avoid any substances that may cause you to relapse. The two biggest culprits – coffee and alcohol. Try to find alternatives to these products or cut them out completely while on your journey to quit smoking. Otherwise, your cravings will increase and you may even decide to light one up. Once you’ve become addicted to smoking there is no going back – social smoking will not work for you.


Nicotine is one of the hardest substances to quit. It is possible to overcome this addiction, however. Using these tips, you can hopefully kick that nicotine habit and quit smoking completely. Good luck!

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