Lansing New Hope Community Center Awarded For Housing Homeless Veterans

Exterior shot of New Hope Community Center

LANSING, MI—May 9, 2019—Holy Cross Services was recognized, on Tuesday, for its role in helping end veteran homelessness in the Lansing region.

Data from the Veteran Services Coordination Committee shows a 50 percent reduction in homelessness among this demographic in Ingham County. The committee was formed three years ago to get housing for homeless veterans.

Sharon Dade, Sharon Dade, associate director at New Hope Community Center

The remaining homeless veterans are said to be in programs that are proven to lead to housing.  Lansing Mayor Andy Schor announced the milestone at a celebration at city hall, saying the goal was reached through a collaborative approach.

Ending Veteran Homeless

The city worked for three years with groups like Volunteers of America and Holy Cross Services and Battle Creek VA Medical Centre Healthcare for Homeless Veterans. At the event Tuesday, the New Hope Community Center, operated by Holy Cross Services, was recognized with an award for their efforts.

Former President Barack Obama issued a mayor’s challenge back in 2014 to end homelessness throughout the U.S. Schor said the region did just that, getting recognition from several federal agencies. That recognition came from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.