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Privileged to care for Michigan children, adults, and families since 1948.

Some of our immediate needs

New Hope Community Center,
Lansing, MI

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served Monday through Friday. Breakfast and dinner are available on weekends. Nearly 100,000 meals were served in the year ending June 30, 2018.

New Hope Community Center,
Lansing, MI

Open 365 days a year, the shelters offer a warm and safe place to sleep. The men’s shelter offers 22 beds and the women’s shelter has 24 beds for women and children. Both shelters are filled to capacity nearly every night.


Go to the Holy Cross Services Community Volunteer Opportunities page to view the list and register.


Other opportunities to volunteer time and talent at each of our program locations. Whether you would like to help with youth job shadowing, help with special events at one of our locations or help out in one of our offices, chances are we have just the job for you.

Please consider carefully what you would like to do, how often and how long you think you can help and feel free to contact us at

Open Your Home & Your Life

Hundreds of children in foster care throughout Michigan need the stability of a safe and loving home. They are in dire need of caring parents to nurture and guide them. Many of these children don’t know what it’s like to have healthy meals every day, a warm bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear, or have never experienced someone to help them with their homework, cheer for them at an event, or encourage them to keep trying and learning. These children have been abused, neglected and abandoned by those they loved and trusted the most. If you have compassion and love to give to hurting children and a safe, loving home, then you already possess what they need most. YOU! With love, support, encouragement, stability and parental consistency… you never know who they could become!

As a foster parent for Holy Cross Services, we will provide you with free ongoing training to enhance your parenting skills, 24 hour support from a trained Permanency Worker and a financial stipend to help meet the needs of the children in your care (clothing, health care, food, extra-curricular activities, etc.).

Supervised Independent Living Program

Many adolescents have no where to go. They have no one who wonders where they are or how they are doing. They have no one to help them through the every day challenges of adolescents.

We need people who would be willing to be “home providers”. A home provider rents a room of their home to one of our teens, develops a contract of expectation with the teen, is a positive role model, and provides two meals a day. The teen receives a stipend each month that covers the cost of rent, clothing, one meal a day and other personal needs. The rent for the month is part of their budgeted expenses. Home providers also receive assistance from the Holy Cross caseworkers if problems arise.

The HCS Supervised Independent Living Program provides older adolescents with the a necessary support system during this transitional phase of their life. Our especially trained workers act as life coaches helping the youth develop a legal and independent life style. They work alongside the youth, helping them find a home-provider or an apartment, teaching them life skills and helping them enroll in school or find employment. As they experience success, the youth develop self-reliance and self-esteem. If you are interested in becoming a home provider, please contact one of our four ILP offices.


  • Praying for specific needs
  • Planning and working at fundraising events
  • Transporting clients
  • Assisting with ongoing clerical tasks in our office
  • Raising money for Holy Cross Services
  • Researching community resources for families in need
  • Educating your church and community about Holy Cross Services
  • Sharing your Holy Cross story


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