Serving Michigan for nearly 70 years

Holy Cross Services is a faith-based organization whose mission is to bring hope, promote change,

and help children and adults live free, healthy and productive lives.



Serving youth up to 17 years of age
Designed for youth ages 16-21
Community based services to help families

Drug/Alcohol Screening

Competitive rates / trained staff
Residential programs for adolescents

Adult Residential Treatment

Support for substance use disorders

Adult Women's Detoxification

Medically monitored, inpatient center

Residential and Outpatient

Services for woman with children
The Haven serves men 10 to 17 yrs

Whether we are caring for children, youth or their families, it’s our mission to provide caring and life changing services that help make them healthy and whole.

John Lynch

John Lynch President & CEO

“People in need of counseling, substance abuse treatment, foster care, or a safe place to live often feel unwanted, we care and we can help! A better tomorrow starts today!”

Sharon Berkobien

Sharon Berkobien Chief Operating Officer