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Our Services

Foster Care

Serving youth up to 17 years of age >more

Supervised Independent Living

Designed for youth ages 16-21 >more

Drug/Alcohol Screening

Competitive rates / trained staff >more

Substance Abuse Treatment

Residential programs for adolescents >more

Adult Residential Treatment

Support for substance use disorders >more

Adult Women's Detoxification

Medically monitored, inpatient center >more

Residential and Outpatient

Services for woman with children >more

Court Support Services

The Haven serves men 10 to 17 yrs >more

and more...

Safe, secure and structured programs for youth in court ordered arrangements, group homes, campus based and secured services.
Intensive (out patient) intervention programs for substance abuse and compassionate support for mental healthcare issues.
Helping mothers get into the workforce by offering one-stop community resources including job training & healthcare.

Kids coming to HCCS have been robbed of their childhood and forced to deal with adult issues that make them grow up way too fast. Our goal at HCCS is to get our kids back to being just kids. We want them to have happy childhood memories and to have life experiences afforded to other children who have stable home environments. We want them to have new and healthy memories.

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