A foster child finds peace in a forever home

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Children's Services, Community Services

Most kids find their parents nagging them to clean up their room just plain annoying.

For Jarrett, it’s the normalcy he’s been missing in his life, and he’s not complaining one bit.

“With my family…I went out to eat, I made the bed; the bed that I’m supposed to be making,” smiled the 10-year-old.

A bed that is finally Jarrett’s own, in a permanent home after years spent in transition. He first entered care when he was four years old.


In 2019, Jarrett was in a foster home with his siblings from Wayne County. But Jarrett was struggling. He had problems controlling his emotions and his behavior. That’s when he came to Holy Cross Services.

The Holy Cross Assessment Center in Saginaw provided Jarrett with therapy and counseling.

“At Holy Cross I learned boundaries, like not to run away,” he said. “I learned how to not be disrespectful. And I should treat people how I want to be treated.”

After a few months, Holy Cross Services found Jarret a new home, but started first with short visits so everyone could get to know one another.

“When I first saw my adoptive family, I felt nervous,” he said.

“Then when I saw them, I was actually happy.”

He played chess with his new family and went to the store to get a Lego car.


At school Jarrett, who’s now in 5th Grade, likes math, science and gym.

But it’s what Holy Cross taught him that he says has helped him the most.

Things like respecting authority, keeping his emotions under control and how to cope with changes in life.

Jarrett says he now likes to go to church with his family, where he’s learning even more lessons.

“We do prayers and we do games and we learn about Jesus and all the people in the Bible.”


But after so much uncertainty and upheaval it’s the simple things a permanent home has given him that mean the most to Jarrett.

“I’m most excited to go with my family because there’s nobody there, it’s actually peaceful and I feel like they care about me.”

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