Residential & Community-based Child & Family Services

Children & Family Services:
Residential & Community-based

Holy Cross Services is one of the largest private, not-for-profit providers of children and family services in Michigan. This includes residential homes for youth needing intensive stabilization; foster care supports, Juvenile Justice transition, behavior stabilization; Juvenile Justice sexually reactive treatment; educational services; independent living plus; independent living; plus a variety of community-based services to help children get into stable and healthy foster homes, providing the tools and supports for foster families, and also adoption services.

HCS - Youth Resident

Residential Services for Abused and Neglected Children 5-17 Years Old

St. Vincent Home, Saginaw

  • Intensive Stabilization for young children in crisis in a therapeutic environment, helping them through their trauma, stabilizing behaviors, and offering key supports
  • Program helping youth suffering with addiction and mental health disorders
  • Behavioral Stabilization for children 12-17 years old, providing individual, group, and family therapy, education, recreation, and life skills training, providing tools to manage emotions, thoughts, and feelings to help them make better behavioral choices
  • Juvenile Justice Sexually Reactive treatment for boys 12-17 years old who have been sexually abused, have not been charged with any crime, whose behavior includes abusive or aggressive behaviors outside of the range of normal sexual development

King House, Clinton Township

  • Juvenile Justice transitional program serving boys 15 years and older and allows them to continue their education at nearby schools, high schools, and colleges, as well as gain employment. Also provides individual, group, and family counseling.

Michael J. McGivney School, Saginaw

  • Educational services, under the auspices of the Saginaw Intermediate School District, for children and adolescents at St. Vincent Home grades elementary to 12th. Includes credit recovery, special education services, on-line and classroom education by highly qualified teachers.

Community-based Services for Youth & Young Adults Aged 16-21

Gaylord, Muskegon, Saginaw

Office locations for Community-based outreach services

  • Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention
  • Independent Living Plus — staff-supported program to help prepare youth to learn how to transition smoothly and successfully into the community
  • Independent Living — program supporting young adults’ transition into the community
  • Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care (YAVFC) — program providing youth, age 18 to 21, with extended foster care benefits that include financial stipends and case management

Fayette House, Saginaw

  • Independent Living-Plus Program (staff supported) home for boys aged 16-19, designed to help youth develop the skills needed to lead happy, successful, and independent lives as they shift into adulthood with the assistance of on-site staff
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