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Providing a Full Network of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Homeless and Children’s Services.

Children’s Services Admissions Protocol

Holy Cross Services child welfare program offer statewide treatment options for children and families. We are committed to partnering with caseworkers, court personnel and any other service agencies in offering quality programs and a complete Intergrated Network of Services.

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Counseling Program Admissions Protocol

Admission to specific treatment services are determined by the type of counseling that would offer the greatest benefit to the client. Such determinations are based upon ASAM criteria, clinical assessment, standardized screening tools, DSM IV diagnosis and clients availability for treatment.

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HCS Healthcare Admissions Protocol

Admission into any of the programs start with a screening process (please call 844-452-4767). The screener will ask questions that will help determine if the person is appropriate for services, what the cost may be and discuss insurance requirements.

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