Tips for the best social media job search

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Community Services

Whether you’re doing an exhaustive social media job search or a more traditional form of networking, there are well-established strategies to find work.

As always, looking for a new job requires patience. Social media may have created a culture of instant gratification when it comes to news, sports and entertainment, but the process of finding a job with these platforms still calls for some savvy networking, strategic relationships and a level of professionalism.

Build your brand

Using social media to find a job means you need to be aware of your personal brand. Make sure the image you’re revealing to the world through Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platform illustrates the important characteristics you want employers to see. This approach means more than just your personal posts.

Be thorough

It’s always good social media etiquette to fill out your profiles as best you can. Having completed information helps people know more about you, particularly on pages like LinkedIn. This platform give potential employers an exhaustive look at your work and education history. If you haven’t completed it, then you’ll leave your visitors wanting for information. Without enough detail, they may just pass you over and talk to someone else.

Be professional

It’s OK to have fun with your social media, but you can also easily cross the line into offensive and unprofessional with your updates. A photo or video of you getting drunk on the weekend is not exactly what your employer wants to see when they land on your page. In many jobs, you represent your company’s brand even when you’re not at work. When you’re sharing news articles or commenting on issues important to you, make sure you’re being professional. Think of yourself as having a conversation with your next employer. Are your comments risky in such a scenario? If so, think of a more appropriate way to express yourself.

Stay alert

You can easily find the types of jobs that interest you using social media. Sites like LinkedIn are excellent for this. You can easily sign up for alerts that will inform you the next time a position you’re looking to fill comes available. You can create as many alerts as you like for as many different positions. Be creative and find the different ways employers post for your type of work.

Be Complete

When doing a social media job search, you want your profiles to give potential employers as complete of a picture as possible. Think of your profiles as your resumes. This is where someone can glean the breadth of your professional experience, your education and anything else they want. Whereas your comments and shared posts illustrate more of your interests, think of your profile as a place where people drill down into your work experience. Be sure to tell them where you worked, where you went to school, where you volunteered. Be as complete as possible.

Stay connected

Connect with companies and people working in your field of expertise. No matter what level of work you’re seeking you’ll find people online. From fast-food restaurants to boardrooms, employees are connected to their companies through social media.

Research your employers

As much as companies can snoop around online and research you, they too have a digital footprint that can be tracked. A platform like LinkedIn is excellent for finding out more about a company you’re interested in knowing. Follow those companies and you have instant access to updates they provide. If they’re recruiting, you’ll be in the know immediately.

Anyone doing a social media job search needs to know the best ways to find the jobs. It’s important to connect with potential employers, stay up to date on the latest postings and position yourself to be the next hire.

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