The right social media etiquette makes you more employable

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Behavioral Health

If you’re applying for jobs, you need to have excellent social media etiquette because you can be sure potential employers are checking out your online profile.

To be sure those recruiters are seeing your best likeness, there are a few strategies that’ll guide you in the right direction.

Stay current

There’s something disappointing about looking at someone’s Facebook page and seeing they haven’t had an update in months. The same goes for any platform you’re using. Keep it up to date or don’t use it at all. This approach doesn’t take much. You don’t have to post every day. Publish an update once a week and you’ll be in good shape.

Be thorough

It’s always good social media etiquette to fill out your profiles as best you can. Having completed information helps people know more about you, particularly on pages like LinkedIn. This platform give potential employers an exhaustive look at your work and education history. If you haven’t completed it, then you’ll leave your visitors wanting for information. Without enough detail, they may just pass you over and talk to someone else.

Be professional

It’s OK to have fun with your social media, but you can also easily cross the line into offensive and unprofessional with your updates. A photo or video of you getting drunk on the weekend is not exactly what your employer wants to see when they land on your page. In many jobs, you represent your company’s brand even when you’re not at work. Even sharing content can be risky business. When posting news articles you find interesting, it may be better to keep your comments as neutral as possible. The wrong opinion on a sensitive topic, although completely innocuous to most people, could still be offensive to someone. You don’t want that someone to be a recruiter from a firm you really want to join.

Get involved

Join social media groups where like-minded people are discussing the type of work and issues that interest you. This activity will help you better understand the type of you’re looking to get, while also showing your dedication.

Be personable

Just as important as being professional, you need to show you have some personality. Again, don’t go overboard with potentially offensive jokes and news articles, but let people know your interests. Are you proud of your gardening efforts? Take a photo and share it? Love decorating? Show off your work. There are many ways to let people know your personal side without being offensive.  


Follow the important people in the industry or companies where you want to work. You don’t have to comment or bother people with your messages. Just seeing what people are saying will help you get a feel for the latest discussions. Of course, it’s perfectly OK to join that conversation, just do so with caution. Be polite, be professional and keep comments to a minimum. One of the easiest ways to offend people is to behave like an online troll.

No matter what job you’re looking to land, there are many ways to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best light by adhering to some savvy social media etiquette. Be yourself, don’t be offensive and pay attention. These are some of the easiest ways to show your best side to potential employers.

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