2016 Art Van Charity Challenge

Here at Samaritan Center, we believe that the best businesses are the ones that give back. By doing good for your community, you are no longer just a business – you are a friend to the community. Art Van is one of these businesses. It’s doing good for the community by having the 2016 Art Van Charity Challenge.

The Charity Challenge not only brings in more money for charities across Michigan, Toledo and Chicago, but it also does a wonderful job at raising awareness towards various issues that these charities support. Samaritan Center is proud to be a part of this event, but as the reader you’re probably wondering “What exactly is this?” That’s why we wrote the blog to show you just how great the 2016 Art Van Charity Challenge is.


What Is the Charity Challenge?

The Art Van Charity Challenge is a friendly competition between over 350 charitable organizations within the Michigan, Toledo and Chicago area. The challenge is to get your organization to raise the most money. It starts May 18th and runs through June 22nd, when the top 10 winners will be chosen.

Art Van has set aside $300,000 to be spread to the top ten winners, with first prize receiving $100,000 donated to their cause. This is a great way to spread awareness to the issues that many are facing in these areas. With over 350 organizations participating, people are bound to take notice of this event.

The event started in 2009 when the founder of Art Van Furniture, Art Van Elslander wanted to celebrate the store’s 50th anniversary. The program awarded $1 million in 50 grants which ranged from $5,000 to $50,000 to charities around the Michigan area. The event placed a strong focus on the charities that support children, health, and human services.  The event has been a huge success in the years since, with Art Van Furniture’s contribution leveraging over $22 million in its eighth year, via the matching component of the program.

Art Van Elslander is the reason this event exists – he believes that giving back is a responsibility. “If you’re fortunate enough to be as successful as our company has been, then it’s your responsibility to give it back. I just believe that.” That quote is directly from Mr.Elslander, and it’s that thought process that created this event.  Art Van Furniture is proud to be a part of its surrounding communities and wants to help make a change for the better.


Why Samaritan Center Needs You

At the end of the day, however, this is a competition and we need your help to win! Samaritan Center is proud to be a part of the Charity Challenge, and we need your donations to help us succeed. By donating to Samaritan Center, not only are you helping our organization, but you are also helping those in need.

Samaritan Center provides many services to its community. It provides medical and mental health services, job training and placement, educational programs, spiritual ministries, youth recreational opportunities, housing development, business and community development and general community support.

It also provides medical services such as a clinic for the uninsured (X-ray, mammography, pharmacy, lab-testing & referrals); a private practice clinic for the general public (gynecology, pediatrics, HIV and primary care services); and dialysis services.

Samaritan Center believes in doing what we can in order to benefit our community. By making these services accessible to members of our community, we can make a happy and healthier Detroit. By receiving your donations, you can help make this happen.


The 2016 Art Van Charity Challenge is a fantastic event that can really make an impact on the community. It’s full of great participating charities who each have something to fight for. By Art Van giving this opportunity, they are allowing these charities to get their name out there, and build awareness for their cause. So thank you Art Van Furniture for putting on this fantastic event, and please don’t forget to donate to Samaritan Center!

If you want to donate to Samaritan Center, you can do so here. Thank you!