Foster Care Awareness Month: 5 Ways You Can Take Part in Bringing Awareness




As you may or may not know, Foster Care Awareness Month is in May. This is right around the corner so it’s our job to get the word spread and try to bring as much awareness as we can to children in foster care who need help! But we can’t do this on our own, so we’re going to need your help.

Right now in America, there are over 415,000 children who are in foster care. It’s been proven that children who grow up and age out of foster care have a harder time integrating with society 50% had used illegal drugs, 38% have emotional problems and 25% of them are involved in the legal system. As you can see, foster care is no place for child. They need a family to give them guidance, but most of all – love.

Bringing awareness to the issue is incredibly important because it can help find these children homes, but also make their current arrangements more bearable. By helping bring awareness to this issue, you are playing a role in bringing a child happiness. Here are some ways you can take a role in making a difference during Foster Care Awareness Month:


Utilize Social Media

Social media has greatly evolved in the past decade. What started out as a virtual teen has turned to place people of all ages and demographics can connect with each other. This has made it the perfect place to spread information. A quick search on Facebook can get you a plethora of information regarding anything that you could possibly imagine.

This makes it much easier to spread awareness to people. By using something as simple as a share button, you could potentially be spreading awareness to hundreds of people. It’s quick, easy and effective. So why not produce a status, or share an article regarding foster care with your friends on social media. Even just one a week can skyrocket awareness to people, and awareness means increased likelihood for a child to find a home.


Attend Events Near You

Attending events is integral to helping the cause. We know your intentions are good, so why not do something and join event that’s happening near you and really make a difference! By coming to events you’re helping spread awareness by gathering a group of people all fighting for the same cause. Get a big enough group, and a lot more people will take notice as well.

On top of helping bring awareness, events are also a great source of fun! Take The Hope Walk for Kids for example; this doesn’t just help kids get gifts in order to make their stay in foster care more enjoyable – it also makes for a great day out! It’s an activity that you can bring the whole family to, as well as meet new friends! Of course, it’s also great exercise too.

So why not attend an event near you? It makes for a great day out, and brings awareness to Foster Care Awareness Month. You get to make friends, and also make a child in need smile. It doesn’t get much better.



This is of course a major way in how you can help during Foster Care Awareness Month. Getting people to donate is one of the main things we’re trying to accomplish during the month, so why not help out and donate yourself? By donating, you’re becoming a child’s guardian angel – you’re bettering the quality of their lives.

With Holy Cross Services, there are multiple ways you can donate. First, there’s the gift of annuity – this contract allows you to donate the gift of cash, marketable securities or other assets. This absolutely helps children in need by increasing their quality of lives, and also giving them a better future. This is also tax deductible, and rates are approved and published by the American Council of Gift Annuities.

Next is gift of securities. Through this method, you can donate stocks, bonds or other securities to the organization, where it too will help the children who need it most. Before you choose this method, you should consult your adviser to see how it will effect your taxes – you could also qualify for a deduction.

Companies are starting to match gifts with their employers. Many big-name corporations are doing it, and hopefully it is something that more businesses will jump on in the future. It can’t hurt to ask your employer if they match gifts for charities, as it can double the amount these children receive.

Of course, if you choose you can donate any sum to Holy Cross Services that you deem fit. We offer two ways to donate – through check or online through our website. You can donate as much as you want, and can choose to make this donation recurring or a one-time gift. Just remember, by donating you’re improving the life of a child in need.

So during Foster Care Awareness month, make a difference and donate to the cause.


Talk to Friends

This is a great and easy way you can help spread awareness for Foster Care Awareness month. For this, just bring foster care into the conversation when you’re having dinner with friends. Tell them about all the things you’ve read in this article, and spread the awareness. By bringing it into conversations with friends, you’re organically bringing more awareness – and hopefully your friends will help spread awareness as well.

Know a friend or family member who’s thinking about starting a family? Why not bring up the possibility of adopting to them? At the end of the day, that’s the end goal for Foster Care Awareness month – we want to get these children adopted. A child needs a family as a stable foundation, it’s the best way to better life.


Wear a Blue Ribbon

Lastly, and this is the easiest, wear a blue ribbon. A blue ribbon is the symbol for Foster Care Awareness month, and is a great way to start the conversation. People see all different colours of ribbons, each representing a different cause for awareness.

People naturally get curious as to what each coloured ribbon means, so when they see you displaying the blue ribbon, they’re going to ask what it’s for. This is why Foster Care Awareness uses this ribbon – to start a conversation. Conversation spreads, and with the conversation so does awareness. Wearing the blue ribbon is a conversation starter and will do wonders for Foster Care Awareness month.


To Sum Up..

May is an incredibly important month for children currently in the foster care system. Being Foster Care Awareness month, this is the time where their cries can be heard. By spreading awareness, you’re not just bringing light to the problem, but you’re also becoming part of the solution.

So during May, spread awareness via social media, attending events, donating, talking to friends or wearing a blue ribbon. It can be easy and fun to spread awareness, and you’re also becoming a guardian angel for a child in need. Remember, May’s just around the corner, so start spreading awareness now!


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