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Guide to Motivation

Motivation is the first step to living a free and healthy life. However, many of us have trouble with motivating ourselves. When you have trouble self-motivating, you may find yourself becoming content with the way your life is, rather than striving to make it better. Once you create that self-motivation, you will find yourself making the steps necessary to making the changes your life needs. (more…)
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What Is Emotional Abuse?

We’ve all seen how much of an impact abuse can have on mental health. However, when you hear the word ‘abuse’ what does it make you think of? Most people’s minds will go straight to the physical aspect of abuse rather than the emotional aspect of it. The truth is, much of the time abuse isn’t physical, but this does not make it any less impactful. This is because emotional abuse may be going on without the victim even realizing it. (more…)