Catholic Federal Credit Union Donation

Holy Cross Children’s Services is thrilled to have received the incredibly generous donation of $10,000 from the Catholic Federal Credit Union (CFCU). This donation was given through their advised funds that are managed by the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan, which was established to provide funding for organizations and special projects that support the community served by the Diocese of Saginaw.

We here at Holy Cross Children’s Services are incredibly thankful for this donation. We have been providing education, assessment, foster care, independent living, and residential services for over 65 years. With such a daunting task, it’s important that we take all the help we can get. The Catholic Federal Credit Union obviously believe in our cause and want to help us on our journey to make better lives for our Michigan youths.


Who is CFCU?

The Catholic Federal Credit Union make is their mission to improve the financial well-being of their members. They believe in giving great rates with low or no fees, higher dividends and personal service that goes above and beyond. They’re an extremely personable group of people who are there to help. Times get tough, and they know that – they want to make sure all of their clients are comfortable financially.

They’re also involved in the welfare of Michigan youths. They have the Catholic Federal’s School Branch K-12 program that brings real world financial literacy and education in All Saints Catholic School in Bay City and Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary in Saginaw. The school and CFCU work together to open a fully functioning branch within the school. The students of the school can use the branch to open new accounts and deposit and withdraw cash. This is meant to give the students money management skills – something that is very valuable in the real world.

They also give classroom presentations in order to educate students about the crucial skill of money management. Having money management skills early on can help ensure financial success in their future. They talk about topics such as budgeting, establishing credit and managing a checking account. Ensuring financial stability is something that CFCU believes should be taught to our youths, as their welfare is incredibly important to them.


Holy Cross Children’s Services would like to extend a big thank-you to the Catholic Federal Credit Union for the generous donation. By coming together as a community, it can ensure success in helping ensure better lives for Michigan youths. We will continue to fight for our cause, and the donation will help us immensely!