Counseling: Why It Works

Life can be stressful and difficult to deal with at times. We all go through it, so why not make it easier to cope with the hard stuff. A great resource for being able to move through life’s stressors is attending counseling, sometimes referred to as talk therapy. You may be wondering, ‘Isn’t talking to my closest friend or family member pretty much the same as counseling?’ There are actually a lot of benefits of seeking out professional guidance, especially by highly trained individuals, such as the staff at Holy Cross Counseling Services. Here are some reasons why counseling can work for you:

It’s A Safe Space

Many people turn to professional counseling when times are tough because it is a safe space to talk and express any feeling or emotion one might have. Not only is the person receiving the counseling free from any sort of criticism or consequences, but it is also a safe place for one to be vulnerable. A lot of emotional turbulence can come up during the course of counseling, so feeling safe in an environment helps one to explore, and ultimately deal with those emotions.

It’s Empathetic

Empathy is important when it comes to counseling, and is one of the most effective aspects of healing. Empathy is when someone can understand and relate to the person’s situation they are talking with, but doesn’t get heavily absorbed in it. This is crucial for any sort of counseling, as it gives a better picture of what the person is really going through. Many counselors are trained in being empathetic when in sessions, so they will make sure to be on the same page as you while being able to help you.

It’s Neutral and Judgment Free

Counselors are here to help – not harm. They want to see you feel your best and are not here to pass judgment on anything that you may have said or done. They are not someone who you would consider a friend, family member, or acquaintance, so they serve as a neutral figure with no previous biases. Since a counselor acts as a neutral figure, this can help clients be more open and honest about certain situations, without fear of scrutiny or disagreement.

It’s All About You

The great part about designated counseling sessions is that time is just about what you are feeling and what you express with your counselor. You can have the time to focus only on yourself and your thoughts, without interruption, which is unlikely in a typical conversation with a friend or family member. You can make the most of your time with your counselor since they are dedicated to your needs while the session is going on. This is also beneficial since most people don’t dedicate enough time in the day for themselves, counseling can be the time for them to do that.

I hope you can see how counseling can truly be a wonderful option for anyone dealing with any sort of distress. Counselors are trained professionals who are there to spend the time with you, and only you, while remaining empathetic and judgment free. A counselor’s office is a safe healing space for anyone who needs it. If you or someone you love are in need of counseling, let the Holy Cross Counseling Services’ trained professionals help by clicking this link.