The Effects of Alcohol Addiction

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The Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction ruins lives. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nice cold beer on a hot summer day. However, some people enjoy alcoholic beverages a little too much and form a dependency. Alcoholism is no laughing matter, and can badly damage a person both mentally and physically. However, many people don’t know the signs of alcoholism until it is a little too late.

We all know that alcohol addiction is bad, but do we have a clear understanding as to why? Today, we will be talking about the effects of alcohol addiction – both physical and mental. In order to fight alcohol addiction, we must first understand it.


Building a Tolerance

The first sign of the development of a dependency to alcohol is the increase in tolerance to alcohol. When someone abuses alcohol, they will notice that they have to start drinking more to receive the same effects. This is due to the building up of a tolerance as your body gets used to the substance entering its body.

Due to the increase in tolerance, many people will drink more as a result as they want to reach the intended effects level. This can be the first warning sign that someone is building a tolerance to the substance.


Physical Effects

There are many physical problems that come about as someone becomes dependent on alcohol. These negative effects can lead to very serious health effects down the road and are one of the main reasons alcohol addiction takes so many lives.

These health effects can start with things that seem small – a decrease in libido, elevated blood pressure, and fatigue. Early on, the user may not even notice these effects. However, these health issues can become serious very fast.

Of all organs, the liver takes the brunt of the beating when dealing with alcohol abuse. When alcohol goes through your liver it releases toxic enzymes. These enzymes can cause damage to the liver, as well as scar the tissue leading to problems down the road.


Mental Effects

When people abuse alcohol, it’s often due to attempting to cope with problems they have in their lives.  They may turn to the bottle in order to deal with depression, anxiety or a slew of other mental health issues. The irony is, the alcohol will actually cause those issues to become worse.

Alcohol can worsen symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as magnify emotional outbursts. Often times, alcoholics have a lack of inhibition when it comes to emotional outbursts. They will hold nothing back when showing emotion and often times cause a scene or disturbance if highly intoxicated.  When alcohol addiction takes over, it’s often hard for the user to keep control over their emotions.


Alcohol addiction is dangerous and can affect anyone who drinks. Often times, the addiction will creep up without the knowledge of it taking over, and the user won’t think they have a problem. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction, Holy Cross can help.

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