Behavioral Health

Admissions Protocol

  1. Admission into any of the programs starts with a screening process (please call 844-452-4767). The screener will ask questions that will help determine if the person is appropriate for services, what the cost may be and discuss insurance requirements.
  2. Next is the admission appointment. Residential clients will be given a list of what to bring to the program. A basic list includes seven days of clothing (weather appropriate), toiletries and medication you may be taking (a 30 day supply is helpful). All cell phones stay home and phone calls are only allowed via company phone.

School-aged clients

Please contact your school, ask for your books and explain to the staff that they will be able to fax or email homework to the facility. Don’t worry if this is not possible since we have an online system here. Either way, we have fully accredited teachers here to help! Some of our programs allow moms to bring their children into care. You will be given more information at the time of the screening if this is the case. It is important for any of our programs to bring identification and insurance cards.

Commercially insured clients

Admission cannot be authorized without a face to face assessment.

Come Prepared

Regardless of your funding source, we ask you to be on time for your scheduled appointment, bring your belongings and be prepared to stay.