Be vigilant and prevent child abuse

There are so many ways people can help prevent child abuse. Everyone just needs to know what to look for, what their options are in terms of helping out and they need to get involved wherever possible.

Throughout April, which is Child Abuse Prevention month, organizations around the country are raising awareness about the ongoing and chronic problem of child abuse.

Once people understand the scope of the problem and learn how to detect child abuse, then they can intervene. It’s also important to know how to intervene and recognize the supports and resources that are available when you do.

Be aware of the signs

National Child Abuse Prevention Month 2018 Widget 300x250When a child is being abused, there are signs. More obvious signs are the bruises, scratches and broken bones, but anything hidden can be more difficult to see. Children always suffer from the mental strain that stems from the abuse.

Supporting families with children up to the age of 16, the Positive Parenting Program is a successful prevention strategy, according to Child Welfare Information Gateway.

You may see a change in their behavior. A child who was once happy and active may stop communicating and not making eye contact with adults. They may exhibit a fear of adults and develop speech issues such as stuttering. Of course, some behavioural changes may not be the result of abuse, so it’s important to be vigilant without making false accusations.

Get involved

One of the best ways to stand up against child abuse is by getting involved with groups and activities that raise awareness about the fight to end the abuse. There are groups in every city because the problem is prevalent everywhere.

You can also donate to to charities that help abused children, particularly those who support foster care agencies. Many children in the foster care system have suffered from abuse, and they can use a role model in their lives to show them compassion and love.


Become a foster parent

Unfortunately, many children are placed into foster care because of their abusive environments. This abuse follows them around for the rest of their lives and can leave both physical and mental scars. Being put into foster care is a stressful experience for a child to go through, but can be made better by having a caring and compassionate foster parent.

It’s a big decision, but it is one that can change a child’s life forever. Children need role models, something that you may be able to provide with the right home and the right support.

Child abuse continues to plague communities across the country, which is why protecting our children should be our top priority.