Alli – 16

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My name is Alli, I’m 16, and I am part of the Foster Care Program at Holy Cross. During my time here, I have gotten a lot of support from the staff who have always been open to help me with anything. I have really grown as a person and received a lot of encouragement to set goals and work for them.

My hero is my big sister Maya. We’ve always been really close and we look out for each other. She inspires me because she is the only one in my family who graduated from high school and went to college. She’s the person I look up to and I want to be like her. She is the hardest worker I know. Next year, I am going to graduate high school, and my dream is to go to Eastern College and study to be a nurse. I love working with other people and helping the community around me. The best compliment I received is that I am caring and I’m always looking out for people. Being a nurse would give me the chance to help patients every day of my life.

Even when things get tough, I’m really proud of myself for being able to get through them no matter what. I’ve learned how to work well with others and to fix problems. The biggest misconception people have of foster kids is that they think that we need all this extra help and can’t look out for ourselves, but we have goals and we’re here to better ourselves too. We need people supporting us and giving us the resources to achieve our goals, and most importantly to believe that we can do anything.

People also sometimes assume that everyone in foster care has the same situation and problems. But we all have very different experiences and everyone is unique. I’ve gotten to meet people at Holy Cross from many different races, cultures, and backgrounds, and I am just thankful for my group of friends that I’ve met here. There is a lot of diversity and there’s more to us than just being foster kids.

The person’s real name and photo were modified to protect her identity.