Andrea – 17

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Holy Cross has been very different from the other four homes I’ve been to. Here you have people that come in 24 hours and day and and make it their goal to help you. Also, with the peers inside of the youth group, we don’t know who we are in a group with. We are here for a certain reason, and it’s good to learn and grow together. It’s so nice to be with people with similar needs and backgrounds. Here at Holy Cross, I feel like I don’t have to hide who I am and that’s an incredible feeling.

Holy Cross also knows how to treat us. People tend to think that kids in foster home are needy and don’t have normal lives like everyone else. They don’t think of us like that. They treat us like who we are – normal kids who are just having a hard time in life.

That’s what else is great about the staff here. They don’t pretend like everything is okay when we first arrive. They understand that this is a very hard process. They sit us down and ask, ‘Are you okay?’. The staff actually care about us, and understand that it isn’t easy to adapt right away.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience here. As a teenage it’s hard to get in foster homes because people want the young ones they can raise. At Holy Cross, they guide us through our teen years, and work on getting us through high school and hopefully in to college. Next year, I’m looking forward to getting my own apartment, going to college and being able to travel. Holy Cross even helps us with that, as they give you opportunities and funds to meet your future life goals. I want to own my own business one day, and Holy Cross gives me the confidence to know that one day I’m going to make this happen, and be successful.

Holy Cross has really made a huge impact on my life. I would like to tell anyone else out there who feels alone and out of place that Holy Cross is the place to be. Here you can come and work on learning different skills so when you’re finally out on your own you’re prepared!

The person’s real name and photo were modified to protect her identity.