Caleb – 15

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I would describe myself as fun, laid back at times, and outgoing. Some of my hobbies are being outdoors, playing sports and video games, and being on the computer. My best memories are the time I spend with my family.

Holy Cross is a place where you can be yourself while still being able to cope with life’s struggles. With their help, we do fun things like go for walks, go to school, and color. We even get an allowance every Monday of $26, which is pretty cool.

Holy Cross is a different form of foster care because there is much less pressure, and less people watching you, so you feel more comfortable here.

A good foster parent is someone who is there, and will see eye to eye with you. They need to take into perspective how they would act in a certain situation and be understanding.
For new kids coming into Holy Cross, I would tell them to do their best, cooperate with the staff, do your group work, and try not to mess up.

I am so thankful for being given a second chance. I was in foster home before, but I made a mistake, and I thank God that I was forgiven and given a second chance. Sometimes I think younger adults see more eye to eye with older adults. Older adults seem to be raised more strictly, and we are in a different era. However, people tell me I am a smart person, and that I excel in certain situations, so I know I have potential.

The person’s real name and photo were modified to protect his identity.