Jordan – 19

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I couldn’t be more grateful for the support from Holy Cross Services. The team here helped me get through my addiction, while helping me with the job training I needed to succeed.
Holy Cross went above and beyond, even teaching me how to cope with many of life’s challenges, such as managing my personal finances. With their support, I overcame every obstacle I’ve faced. Now, I can finally say that I’m proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished.
More than ever, I have a better chance at getting and keeping a job. I’m currently getting certified for construction work and I’ve already received my certificates for welding and masonry. If I didn’t have support from Holy Cross, I’d still be struggling with my addiction and making very poor choices. Having someone in my corner that I could actually talk to, without having to worry about being judged, that’s probably the most significant reason for my recovery.
I recommend Holy Cross Services to anyone who needs help. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for everyone here.