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$50,000 AND UP

Provide a safe place to sleep with showers, personal care supplies and services for nearly 1,834 bed nights in the Emergency Shelter. Or provide 14,245 meals in the Community Kitchen.

Thank You to our Champion Sponsors



Provide a safety net of 618 to 926 bed nights in hotels for families when no other shelter space in the community is available; or 1,000 to 1,500 bed nights in the Emergency Shelter giving people a safe place to sleep with showers, personal care supplies and services.

Thank You to our Beacon Sponsors

Brig and Francine Sorber

Glenn and Trish Granger

John and Fran Loose

Mary Ellen Sheets and Tom Amiss

Mr. and Mrs. Archipley

Nancy Passanante




159 to 319 days of housing and supportive services for homeless veterans; or 2,800 to 5,698 meals provided annually in the Community Kitchen.

Thank You to our Community Patron Sponsors

Business Machine Co.

Constance and David Donovan

Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Mark and Rosemary Kerrins

John and Carrie Pence

John and Mary Beth Pirich


Paul Gentilozzi

Rick and Suzanne Lasch

Todd & Gillian Granger Charitable Gift Fund



183 to 367 bed nights in a shelter that accepts anyone, regardless of condition, and offers refuge in overflow space in dangerously cold weather.

Thank You to our Part of the Solution Sponsors

Auto-Owners Insurance

Dr. Anna Miller and Michael Miller

Equanimity Wealth Management – Scott and Jill Danek

Foresight Group

Hayhoe Asphalt Paving

Kevin and Sharon McGraw

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Simon

Richard and Lorayne Otto

Robert Bauer Jr.

Sparty’s Coney Island, Inc.



318 to 635 services at New Hope Day Center, where the tools of recovery and hope are shared with nearly every homeless person in the region.

Thank You to our Merciful Care Sponsors

Adado Trailer & Tire Sales & Service

Campbell Press Repair

Charley and LeaAnne Janssen

David and Sherri Drayton

Dart Bank

First National Bank of Michigan

Michael and Gloria Danek

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zamiara

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Eyde

MSU Federal Credit Union/Desk Drawer Fund

Patrick Laughlin

Ricky and Cindy Norris



285 to 712 meals in the Community Kitchen or provide three to five weeks of housing, meals, recovery and hope for a homeless veteran.

Thank You to our Immediate Needs Sponsors

Andrew and Carole Brogan

Bill and Julie Cawood

CBRE Martin

Chris Haddad

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Swords

Dr. Douglas and Rev. Dr. Barbara Edema

Honorable James Jamo

Impact Solutions

Jay Stuve

Jeff and Susie Crippen

Joseph and Pamela Ruth

Kevin and Lori Mehigh

Lansing Sanitary Supply

Melling Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Alonso Collar

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schorfhaar

Mr. and Mrs. David Brogan

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boerner

Mr. and Mrs. Hufnagel

Mr. and Mrs. James Dover

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ramsby

Pete and Sandy Hinz

Richard McLellan

Scott and Brenda Ammon

Sinas Dramis Law Firm

Team One Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Truck, Inc.

Tricia and Michael Foster

Wolverine Development Corp.


Support Changing Lives

$5,000 Donation

Shelter and services for more than 200 homeless men, women, and children.

$2,500 Donation

Provide nearly 800 hot, nutritious meals

$1,000 Donation

3 weeks of food, housing and services for a homeless veteran

$500 Donation

18 nights of lodging for families with nowhere else to turn when shelters are full.

$250 Donation

24 services at New Hope Day Center, Lansing’s one-stop homeless service center

$125 Donation

Nearly 40 hot, nutritious meals

Directly benefits those who need it most!

Holy Cross had to tweak some of the ways we currently were doing business in our facility due to the pandemic to keep everyone healthy and safe. But most services have remained the same or increased.

HCS Emergency Programs:

  • Overnight Shelter
    • Due to CDC and HUD recommendations to change congregate group settings, it did affect the number of people coming into the overnight shelter some, but we did extend hours and days of operation to 7 days a week, 24/7.
  • Day Shelter
  • Remains open to shelter clients just with slightly shortened hours.
  • Veterans Housing Program
    • Due to COVID, we have experienced a temporary decrease in Veterans coming into the building and staying, but we still are serving those who do come.
  • Community Kitchen
    • we continue to provide meals for those visiting the Day Shelter, yet they are temporarily carryout meals.

Permanent Housing Programs:

  • HCS is actively working with other partners on Prevention Programs and the Coronavirus Relief Fund Eviction Diversion Program.
  • Rapid Rehousing Programs (RRH)
    • HCS now operates 3 RRH programs targeting families, individuals, and persons with substance use disorder.
      • The programs provide case management and rental assistance from 6 to 24 month.

New Hope Behavioral Health Clinic:

  • Is fully operational with the ability to provide mental health and substance use services.
  • Ingham County Health Department is coordinating medically assisted treatment services.
  • Transitions, a transitional housing and Rapid Rehousing program targeting persons with substance use disorders, has been added to services.

Who does Homeless No More Help?

Just a few success stories….

“I had no expectations when I came here. I’m very grateful for what you’re doing for me. You gave me a clean bed, shower where available, and clean towels. You fed me when I was hungry and three meals a day and washers for doing my laundry. When I became homeless, I was hungry. I had nowhere to go and I slept in my car for 10 days. I was having health problems with my legs. My church helped me with a motel for two nights. Then I was told about you and came here to stay.”

The Henry family, a married couple with two children ages 2 and 3 months old, was in our Holy Cross hotel program originally. The family was referred to Rapid Re-Housing for Families program and moved into housing on August 26, 2020. Less than one month later, the case manager received communication from the landlord stating the apartment was not in good condition and that they were calling Child Protective Services. The Holy Cross team negotiated with the landlord to allow them to assess the situation first. The team visited the family who was overwhelmed by many challenges. They were able to assist them to work out a plan to get the unit back in order, provide food assistance and other resources. The landlord is happy, the family is much more stable and CPS intervention was not required. The family continues to work with their case manager and has been referred to other vital community services.

A gentleman and veteran who participated in our Veterans Program is a fantastic artist and created some artwork for staff. He has been successfully housed and employed!


Chair, Homeless No More Host Committee and HCS Lansing Committee

As many of you know, Kevin McGraw was the past Chairman for many, many years, and this is my first year taking over and while it’s been a crazy, unpredictable year, I am still really excited for this opportunity. I have seen how many lives this event has helped over the last 10 years and I’m hoping this year will be no different!

I know times have been tough for many, yet if I know our community as well as I think I do, we always come together to help those in such hard times and I really believe we will do the same for this 10th Annual Homeless No More. I personally want to thank you for your continued support if you have been with us over the years, and thank you to those who are just getting to know all the happens at the New Hope Community Center.

Please stay well and we will work through this year into 2021 the best way we know how, and with hopes for a wonderful Homeless No More event in March!

Thank you!
John Pence


Independent Living