Make A Child Smile This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a very special time. It’s a time where families and friends come together in unison and create special memories together. While the holidays are great for adults, they’re even more meaningful to children. Holidays are times that are filled with wonder and excitement, and will forever shape the memories of a child.

That is why it is important to make a child smile this holiday season. Whether it’s a sibling, niece or nephew, or even your own child – go out of your way to make a child smile this holiday season. Here are some ways to do just that.

Write Them A Letter From Santa

One of the sure-fire ways to put a smile on a child’s face is by hand-delivering them a letter from Santa Claus himself. To a child, Santa Claus means the world. Some children look forward to Christmas the entire year only because the thought of Santa Claus delivering presents.

Santa Claus is a literal hero to so many children. Writing a hand-written letter specifically to a child will not only make them smile – it will make their entire day. It only takes a few minutes, but it will mean everything to the child.

Channel Your Inner Child

The best way to make a child smile this holiday season is to channel your inner child yourself. Think about what made the holidays so special for you when you were young. Chances are, there were many traditions, activities and events that make the holidays so special even to this day.

Use these experiences and transfer them to a child this season. Have a holiday tradition? Include the child in it this year and make it their own. Is there an event that you used to go to every year? If it’s still happening, bring the child along with you. By channeling your inner child, you can bring transfer the holiday magic that made the season so special for you.

12 Ways Of Christmas

Not all children have the advantage of having a family. Unfortunately, while the holiday season means so much to most children, to these children with out families it can make life even harder. That’s why Holy Cross Services created the 12 Ways of Christmas campaign – it’s a way for you to make a child smile this holiday season by making a small donation.
Your Christmas donation is an investment in children across Michigan! By donating, you are helping pay for specific client Christmas wish list items. Here is a list of 12 ways your donation will be invested:
• Christmas Stockings
• Cookie decorating supplies
• Holiday activities (light shows, zoo, sporting events, movies etc.)
• Family-oriented movie DVDs
• Puzzles
• Books
• Games
• Wallets and Purses
• Crafts
• Luggage
• Toys and gadgets
• Backpacks

You can make a donation here.

The holiday season is a magical time for children. While the season can be extremely busy for everyone, it’s important to make time for the children in your life. Whether they’re your siblings, niece or nephew, or your own child – make time this holiday season to make them smile.