3 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions To Better Yourself This Year

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2018 is closely creeping up on us, which means that many people will be creating resolutions to better themselves in the new year. This is a great thing to do – it’s always good to set goals for yourself that you can work towards over the year. However, many people set New Year’s resolutions that overly difficult or even nearly impossible to achieve. Setting unrealistic goals can set yourself up for disappointment – which is why Holy Cross Services wants to help you set realistic New Year’s Resolutions.

Let Go Of Past Mistakes

Remember, “New year, new you”. Take this phrase to heart. It’s important to remember that in order to create a better version of yourself, you need to let go of past mistakes. While this can be a challenge, it’s the best way to move forward.

Remember that your past does not define you. Mistakes can be corrected, and are things that you should learn from. 2018 is the time to let go past mistakes.


Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill is a useful and realistic New Year’s resolution that can allow you to better yourself in both skill and patience. The skill should be chosen based on your own interest. Want to save money? Learn to sew. Planning a trip to France? Learn French in 2018. Learning a skill is a great way to better yourself while having fun!

The best part of learning a new skill is building the patience it takes to see it through. It allows you to not only grow skill-wise but as a person as well. Also, it’s fun to show off your new skill to family and friends!


Give To Charity

Setting a realistic New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to only benefit yourself. You can make a resolution that will happen the people around you as well. Giving to charity is an easy way to make a difference. In 2018, simply pick a charity and give a donation at least once a month. No matter the amount you can afford to give, you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference to someone in 2018.


New Year’s resolutions are meant to give you a set of goals to work toward in order to benefit yourself. Unfortunately, many people aim too high when making these resolutions. However, with these three realistic New Year’s resolutions, you should have no trouble bettering yourself in the year 2018. Happy New Year from all of us at Holy Cross Services!