How Much Drinking Is Too Much?

How much drinking is too much?

Many American adults enjoy the odd drink here or there. Some people like to have a glass of wine with dinner, others enjoy a shot of Scotch before bed. However, there’s a line that many people cross without knowing it that can negatively impact their lives.

The question is, how much drinking is too much? When does having the odd drink cross into the alcoholic territory? Here at Holy Cross Services, we promote sobriety and healthy living but want to make you aware if you or someone you know has a drinking problem.


What Is The Definition of Heavy Drinking?

Heavy drinking is considered to be over 4 drinks a day for men, and over 3 for women. That number may vary slightly from person to person, but generally, these are the numbers to go by. However, heavy drinking may be considered differently – for example, if someone drinks until they black out once per week – but stays dry the rest of the week, then of course, they may too have a drinking problem as they feel that need to drink heavily.


Do You Feel As Though You Need It?

One telling sign that a drink here and there is forming into a habit is feeling as though you need that drink. Whether you feel as though you can’t fall asleep without it, or that you can’t fully relax without having a drink first, this is a telling sign that an addiction is forming.

When alcohol becomes a crutch, there is a problem. You should never need to drink in order to feel happy. You should be able to achieve the same fun or happiness without it.


Know Patterns

It’s important that you know yours and the people you loves’ patterns. Know when they reach for the bottle in order to keep track of telling signs that a problem is developing. People often times lose track, and an addiction can sneak up on them without them knowing about it.

Like any addiction, an alcohol addiction does not develop overnight. It slowly builds itself up as you continue drinking, until one day you find that you can’t stop. That’s why it’s important to keep up with patterns of loved ones who drink regularly, and know when to step-in.


Alcohol addiction is something that no one plans on. However, there are signs to tell if a habit is forming. Know how much drinking is too much – you may be able to stop you or someone you know from alcohol addiction before it is too late!